Murder in Baldur's Gate

Arrival in Baldur's Gate

Smooth sailing after the encounter at the farmhouse.

As the group pulls into the outer city of Baldur’s Gate, they are approached by a man who claims to know who they are, their purpose in Baldur’s Gate, and offers his assistance, joining their party.

Soon after entering Baldur’s Gate, after a brief run-in with a tax collecting dwarf, the party enters the Wide and witnesses the speech and death of Abdel, then fights and kills the monster that killed him. In the process they are disconnected from Ailen and the refugees.

The party is approached by three men and meets with two.

They agree to work for Ravengard, marshal of the Flaming Fist, and duke Silvershield.

The duke’s concern is the betterment of Baldur’s Gate, which equates to serving the patriar’s best interests and rooting out the disease that is the Guild.

Ravengard views the Guild as the Gate’s most pressing problem and the patriar’s corruption and decadence a close second, especially given their absolute control over the watch.

Ravengard has asked the party to shut down two gambling dens: The Oasis and the Low Lantern. He gives the party writs of closure and wants both cleaned out and boarded up.

The party heads out towards Little Calimshan and the Oasis.


slip slip

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