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Working for Ravengard (Flaming Fist Marshal)

The Flaming Fist is charged with defending the Gate. The Guild is the greatest threat and the slums and ghettos of the outer city are a breeding ground. Believes that a guild assassin killed Abdel Adrian.

Offers gold for services and ranks in the Fist. Offers room and board at Wyrms gate or the Seatower of Balduran.

First job is closing down the Low Lantern by the docks and The Oasis in Little Calimshan.

Working for Duke Silvershield (Upper City Patriar)

Concerns are serving the Patriar’s best interests and rooting out the Guild.

10gp daily stipend
Room and board at the Helm and Cloak

Three targets in tracing the Guild’s network and identifying its leaders:
Norold Dlusker, wool trader
Yssra Brackrel, sorceress
Laraelra Thudreth, proprietor of the Low Lantern

Duke Silvershield has given official writs of Search and seizure against the targets.

Main Page

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