Murder in Baldur's Gate

Working for Rilsa

DnD in the garden


The heroes are now working as double agents for Rilsa Rael.

They wake up at the Helm and Cloak and are approached by Musayed who informs them that the hands of the Beloved Ranger have been removed as well and Rilsa believes that it is a direct affront to the poor of the city and wants the perpetrators brought to justice.

Their investigation starts in the wide.

Finding the brooch.

Talking to Dusklar.

Investigating the other statue, finding the dagger.

Trip to the temple of Il Mater.

Investigating the Patriar families.

Visit from Musayed.

Tracking the vandals through the docks to Twin Songs, to the Pottery shop.

Encounter at the Pottery Shop.

Taking the Vandals to Rilsa.

Encounter outside the Gem Emporium.


slip slip

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