Vicensius "Vinnie" Darkthorne

A young, debt-ridden, human fighter


Str 16 – Dex 13 – Con 15 – Int 14 – Wis 9 – Cha 11
Fighter 1st, Chaotic Good
Age 22, Height 5’9", Weight 180 lbs.

Vinnie is a young, human male of medium build. He dresses very shabbily. His armor, gear and hooded cloak appear well worn to the point of tattered and may be 4th or 5th hand. His weapons, however appear cared for, but well used. A pouch around his waist contains discarded food and money he finds throughout the day. A small multi-colored stone (a mysterious treasure he found in his youth) hangs from a light chain around his neck.

He has deep green colored eyes. His jet black hair is styled in a classic Mullet cut and is usually well oiled.


Vicensius “Vinnie” Darkthorn grew up as an orphaned, street urchin child in Baldur’s Gate. It was a rough childhood of poverty and hunger. When he was old enough, Vinnie enrolled in the Little Calimsham Hero Academy to pursue his dreams of wealth, power and glory.

However, upon graduation, Vinnie realized he had been conned by the “masters” of the school into signing a loan payback contract with outlandish terms that will effectively leave him penniless for years to come. Now he gets by doing odd jobs around the Academy for pitiful pay and is desperately seeking a solution for his financial woes.

Vinnie, while not a wise man, enjoys being strong and breaking things. He is keen to use his strength and sword to help retire his debt and perhaps “change the world”. He has developed a very intense dislike for powerful leaders who oppress those who are poor and ill equipped to stand against the harshness of the world.

Vinnie seeks wealth and respect, and longs to become a powerful Eldritch Knight someday.

He ALWAYS sleeps with his back to the wall and holds his possessions in his arms through the night.

“The low are lifted up and the high are brought down. Change is the nature of things.”

Vicensius "Vinnie" Darkthorne

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